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VisNet® Design Course

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Course summary

This one-day course will introduce you to the LV network design tool VisNet® Design, where you will undertake several practical exercises using the VisNet® Design software to design networks with different properties including PV generation and EV chargers.

VisNet® Design has an intuitive and easy-to-use user interface to allow network designs to be created quickly, with all required information presented through the user interface to allow easy assessment of results and iteration if required. VisNet® Design is built on decades of network design experience and is replacing WinDEBUT, which has served the industry for over 30 years. VisNet® Design is an essential tool for electrical network operators, connection providers, contractors and design consultants.

Course itinerary

  • Background to the software package
  • Core standards and a brief overview of the software methodology
  • Key modelling components

  • A complete step-by-step walkthrough of the software to:
  • Assemble a network
  • Study embedded generation
  • Assess and interpret results

  • Network design exercises of varying difficulty to put into practice lessons learnt

Questions and Answers

Programme may be subject to amendment

Why attend?

Use design software exercises and hand calculations to reinforce and apply key lessons.

This course is part of a suite of courses that are relevant to the skills development of network designers, planners and connections teams. Other courses in this suite include, LV Network Planning, HV Network Planning and Design, Distributed Generation, Substation Design, Cables for Power Systems part One, Switchgear and Transformers, Earthing and Lightning Protection, Protection for Power Systems Part One and Power Quality and Harmonics.

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