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Distribution Overhead Lines

Course summary

This course will enable delegates to become more conversant with operating, maintaining and refurbishing overhead lines and includes ‘hands-on’ practical exercises and site demonstrations.

It will allow you to develop your understanding of current standards and regulations for overhead lines with an emphasis on safety and best practice.

The course covers many of the relevant topics relating to overhead lines, including inspection and maintenance, conductors, insulators, lightning protection and the effects of environmental issues.

The course includes an update on recent and future developments in overhead line design and construction.

Course itinerary

Standards and Regulations

  • Acts and regulations
  • Technical and engineering standards

Safety and ESQCR

  • ACD’s, signage, clearances
  • Recent OHL safety incidents

Inspection and Maintenance

  • Statutory requirements
  • Asset Risk Management
  • Time based inspection systems
  • Typical inspection examples
  • Allocation of resources

Wood Poles

  • Construction types
  • Decay process
  • Rot detection techniques including practical ‘hands on’ demonstrations (PURL, Mattson Borer, etc.)
  • Remedial techniques (Boron, Polesaver, etc.)
  • Remnant life calculations and EOL

Steel Towers

  • Construction types
  • Steel corrosion and protective coatings including paint inspection and testing techniques.
  • Foundations and various inspection techniques including non-invasive hands-on practical demonstrations.


  • General historical information
  • Covered/insulated.
  • Novel conductors
  • Upgrading overhead lines – considerations
  • Joints and termination

Insulators for Overhead Lines

  • Historical designs and materials
  • Degradation process
  • Worldwide experience

Live Line Working

  • Live line techniques overview
  • Product and PPE demonstrations
  • Applications

Lightning Protection

  • Lightning effects on overhead lines
  • Arc and tension insulator gaps
  • Surge arrestors
  • Lightning Location System

Environmental Issues

  • General weather effects on overhead lines

Line Design Standards

  • LV lines
  • 11/33kV wood pole lines
  • Tower lines

Applying the New Standards

  • Worked examples of basic wood pole line design

Condition Assessment and Asset Management of Overhead Lines

  • Information capture
  • Helicopter inspection/drones (UAVs)
  • Condition assessment
  • Condition based risk management (CBRM)

Future Developments

  • Composite poles including an on-site demonstration.
  • T-pylon
  • Crossarms, fixtures, other fittings, connectors
  • Linesman safety

Programme may be subject to amendment.

Why attend?

As a result of attending you will gain:

  • An understanding of standards and regulations for overhead lines
  • A detailed review of inspection and maintenance, including condition assessment.
  • An opportunity to discuss live line working and refurbishment.
  • An awareness of future developments including covered conductors and accessories
  • Environmental effects on overhead lines
  • Appreciation of line design software

Excellent knowledge of subject matter.

Andrew, 27-28 Sept 2022

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