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City and Guilds Accredited Individual Modular Development Programme

Course summary

Our City and Guilds accredited individual modular development programme is designed for individual learners to help you increase your training capacity by giving you access to a unique and extensive training resource.

Designed as a structured training programme, that provides a comprehensive route to specified levels of knowledge and professional competence. The programme comprised of courses covering core power engineering disciplines in which students will complete one core course, followed by a minimum of 4 additional courses, providing a tailored programme for your specific needs. The modules provide essential theoretical and practical knowledge that can underpin your workforce development programmes.

Course itinerary

  • Insulating Oil Diagnostics and Analysis
  • Measuring Partial Discharge
  • SF6 Management
  • SF6 Training and Certification
  • Substation Design
  • Substation Earthing
  • Transformers and Switchgear Technology for Power Systems

  • The Essentials of Asset Management
  • Failure Investigation
  • Power Quality and Harmonics
  • Project Management: Electrical Projects
  • Lightning Protection, Risk Assessment and Design: BE EN 6230

  • Cables: Part One and Accessories
  • Cables Part Two

  • Distributed Generation
  • Distribution Overhead Lines
  • HV Network Planning and Design
  • LV Distribution Planning and Design

  • Commissioning and Testing
  • Power Systems Protection: Part One
  • Power Systems Protection: Part Two

Why should people attend?

Our programme is not only intriguing, but it can also be customised to meet your requirements, power engineering specialisations, and time frames. You can even use it to augment current employee development plans, such as technical staff development, graduate development, newly-hired employee orientation, power sector conversion, and niche discipline expansion initiatives.

Who is this course for?

This course is perfect for any engineer that wants to gain a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of electricity power networks and improve their professional competence with EA Technology. Our expert instructors will provide both theoretical and practical knowledge to help you excel in your career.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to develop your skills and knowledge. Enroll today!

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