Lightning Protection, Risk Assessment and Design: BS EN 62305

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Course summary

Lightning can have a devastating effect on power supply assets, damaging buildings, power structures, communications and other essential equipment – yet this damage can be easily, and cost-effectively, avoided.

EA Technology is a world leader in lightning risk assessment, protection and earthing systems, and this course is designed to share that knowledge and expertise, to help you avoid the costly and potentially catastrophic consequences of a lightning strike.

The course covers everything from the basics of lightning and its effects, to the use of risk assessment in the formulation of protection strategies. It will not only provide you with a clear understanding of the threat from lightning and the protection options available, but also introduce you to the economics involved in protection system selection.

Course itinerary

Lightning – Introduction and Dispelling the Myths

  • Lightning storm development
  • Types of lightning
  • Where will it strike and how often?
  • Strike characteristics and statistics
  • Positive and negative lightning
  • Direct and indirect strikes
  • Surges
  • Effects on structures, systems and supplies
  • Examples of damage

Risk Assessment and Lightning Protection, BS EN 62305

  • Introduction to BSEN 62305-2 and how it differs from BS6651
  • The assessment and treatment of risk
  • Types of damage and loss
  • Collection area concept
  • Lines and Adjacent buildings
  • Basic lightning protection systems (LPS)
  • Natural LPS
  • Separation distances and zones

Lightning Protection Design

  • Protecting personnel
  • Protecting buildings and internal systems
  • Designing a LPS/SPM
  • Rolling sphere method/protection angle/mesh method
  • Air and earth terminations/down conductors
  • Surge protection measures/bonding
  • Bad practice and defects

LV Surge Protection (SPD)

  • Description of SPDs
  • Equipment withstand
  • Choice and practical application of SPDs
  • Installation examples

Maintenance, Testing and Compliance of LPS

  • Maintenance and test frequency
  • Measuring soil resistivity and analysis
  • "Fall of Potential" measurement and analysis
  • Clamp meter testing
  • Clamp testing Vs FOP

Earthing Measurement Exercise

Lightning Protection Workshop

  • Discussion
  • Examination of measurement results
  • Case studies

Programme may be subject to amendment

Why attend?

EA Technology are a leading authority on lightning protection and have developed one of the principal lightning location systems on the market. This course is delivered by expert practitioners in a highly specialised field, and as a result of attending you will gain:

  • An understanding of how lightning occurs and behaves
  • An insight into lightning risk and applying risk assessment
  • Knowledge of the effects of lightning on buildings and structures
  • A detailed guide to the application of the BS6651 and EN62305-2 standards
  • See how software tools can be used to map lightning strike offline and in real-time and how to perform analysis on historic data
  • An understanding of the effects and issues associated with telecommunications infrastructure
  • Increased understanding from examining individual case studies
  • An update on new developments and future technologies

Good introduction to Lightning Protection and BSEN 62305. Very knowledgeable instructors, well-paced and all questions clearly answered and explained.

Ian, 29 & 30 November 2023

Excellent, would now feel confident to do risk assessments and design LPS for relatively small-scale installations I work on.

Nick, 29 & 30 November 2023

Course leader was very knowledgeable and engaging. As well as the presented content it was great to be able to get outside and undertake practical measurements.

Martin, 29-30 November 2022

A good course which would be recommended to others gaining an understanding of lightning protection. I would have liked a little more technical analysis of where systems had gone wrong, maybe supported by investigations. I will be recommending the course to other colleagues.

Darren, 19-20 October 2021

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