Substation Design

Course summary

High voltage substation design is a complex engineering activity that embraces a wide variety of disciplines. This comprehensive overview brings these disciplines together to give you an interactive guide to high voltage, air or gas insulated substation design.

The course considers all aspects of the design process, including a detailed review of network topology, the interaction of the different elements of substation design and operation, an introduction to substation equipment and its function, and an explanation of the many interfaces between engineers, architects and other specialists that are required for substation construction.

Course itinerary

Substation Design Teams

  • Project teams and organisation
  • Management of interfaces
  • Authorisations

Legislation, Standards, Drawings and Documents

  • Standards and specifications
  • Documents
  • Drawings
  • Construction and design management


  • Substation equipment

Network Topology

  • Substation configuration


  • Design process
  • Planning
  • Stage-by-stage construction
  • Clearances

Physical Arrangements

  • Package substation
  • Containers
  • Buildings
  • Air insulated substations

Civil Design Considerations

Other Design Requirements

  • Interlocking
  • Fire protection
  • Access
  • Lightning protection
  • Lighting
  • Substation environment
  • Substation noise

Auxiliary Supplies



  • Circuit breakers
  • Disconnectors
  • Earth switches

Transformers and Reactors

  • Power transformers
  • Reactors
  • Earthing/auxiliary transformers
  • Instrument transformers


Gas Insulated Equipment

  • SF₆ Gas
  • Dielectric strength of SF₆ gas
  • Gas insulated equipment
  • Application and benefits of SF₆ gas in substations
  • Comparison of land space
  • Modular design
  • Examples of GIS

Surge Arresters, Line Traps, Power Insulators, Bushings, Busbars and Connectors


  • Design requirements
  • Cable requirements
  • Installation
  • Connections
  • Testing

Summary / Open Forum

Programme may be subject to amendment

Why attend?

Gain expertise in managing the substation design project from start to finish

  • Minimise future installation and operational issues
  • Enhance your understanding of the interaction of all elements of a substation
  • Develop your ability to specify key, long-term assets
  • Develop essential skills that are in critically short supply in the industry
  • Enhance safety through knowledge of appropriate substation earthing and protection

EA Technology has extensive expertise in electricity distribution engineering, and this training is delivered by specialist experts who are actively involved in advising customers from both industrial and utility areas on all aspects of substation planning, design and construction.

Great course with very relevant content. It was also fantastic to hear industry experiences and knowledge sharing.

Conor, 6-7 Sept 2022

A comprehensive and thought-provoking course. An excellent base and reference for substation design.

Nigel, 6-7 Sept 2022

Enjoyed the course as someone new to HV with limited substation knowledge. Only comment would be to have some form of equipment on A3 paper to annotate.

George, 8-9 March 2022

Course was good thanks to all presenters. A good overview of all key equipment.

Callum, 8-9 march 2022

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