SF6 Training and Certification

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Course summary

Since the Fluorinated Greenhouse Gas Regulations were revised in 2014, if you carry out any activities that directly involve the recovery or handling of SF6 from high voltage (HV) switchgear, then you need to have passed a theoretical and practical examination in SF6 handling and hold a certificate of competence issued by an accredited certification body.

EA Technology is DEFRA accredited to offer this training and assessment which includes theory and practical assessments to confirm your knowledge, understanding and compliance with UK regulations and procedures. These assessments lead to certification of competence for successful candidates.

*EU 517/2014, 2015/2065, 2015/2066 and 2015/2068 have been retained in UK legislation, but have been amended due to the UK leaving the EU and now only apply in the UK.

Course itinerary

Introduction and Environmental Issues

  • Properties of SF6
  • Applications
  • Environmental Issues
  • Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases
  • Regulations
  • Training and Certification Requirements

SF6 Chemistry and Testing

  • Chemistry of in-service SF6
  • Degradation processes
  • Laboratory and site testing
  • Measuring instruments
  • Case Study


  • Entering substations with SF6 equipment
  • Handling of new and used SF6
  • Recovering SF6
  • Filling and topping-up switchgear
  • PPE Requirements
  • Neutralising SFDecomposition
  • Products
  • Dealing with emergency release of SF6

Gas Handling Equipment and Leak Detection

  • Re-use concept for SF6
  • Components of gas handling equipment
  • Quantifying gas used
  • Leakage detection

Storage and Transportation

  • Legal requirements
  • Suitable storage conditions
  • Transportation of SF6

Practical Demonstrations

  • Gas sampling
  • Checking SF6 gas quality
  • Operation of SF6 recovery equipment
  • Recovery of SF6 from switchgear
  • Filling and topping-up procedures.

SF6 Filled Switchgear

  • History
  • Types of designs
  • Gas density/pressure monitoring

Disposal and Recycling

  • Procedures for end of life disposal
  • Re-use categories
  • Options for final disposal

Theory Assessment

Pre-assessment Briefing/Practice Session

Practical Assessment – Part 1

  • Gas sampling
  • Checking SF6 gas quality
  • Working on open SF6 compartment

Practical Assessment – Part 2

  • Operation of SF6 recovery equipment
  • Recovery of SF6 from switchgear
  • Filling and topping-up procedures.

Programme may be subject to amendment.

Why attend?

  • Develop essential knowledge for safe working practices when handling SF6 gas.
  • Understand the environmental effects caused by the use of fluorinated gases and develop the knowledge of working practices in relation to SF6 gas that are required to manage its impacts upon the environment.
  • Supervise colleagues, staff or contractors who may come into contact with SF6 gas in accordance with UK regulations.
  • Ensure compliance with the latest UK regulations.
  • Enhance your career with certification that is required and recognised throughout the UK.
  • Update your skills in handling SF6 gas in HV switchgear.

Highly recommend all operators/engineers attend this course regardless of if they handle/sample SF6 or not, to increase knowledge of the gas itself.

Thomas, 12-13 October 2022

The course was informative, I now understand the nature of the gas and it's use in the electrical industry, also the harmful effects on the environment when handled irresponsibly.

Terry, 16-17 Aug 2022

Course was what I hoped for, well presented by knowledgeable lecturers, delivered at exactly the right pace. Only slight negative of a lot of powerpoint.

Graham, 16-17 Aug 2022

Excellent course, instructors very knowledgeable and helpful. Answered any questions I asked. Well worth attending.

Mark, 16-17 Aug 2022

Tutors explained fully what SF6 is, how to practically sample, checking quality, filling and topping, cleaning and decommissioning of SF6. Great course.

Emma, 17-18 May 2022

Well presented, course notes easy to follow. Well organised - thanks for giving me a good understanding in SF6.

Gareth, 17-18 May 2022

Very well presented and delivered by Bernard and Dave. Nothing is too much, and any information is delivered clearly. Questions and answers explained fully, and candidate participation is encouraged.

Greg, 26-27 April 2022

Well delivered course with lots of information, at times a little full on when talking about standards and regulations.

William, 26-27 April 2022

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