Oil Diagnostics and Analysis

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Course summary

A condition-based asset management approach can cut costs considerably by reducing unnecessary maintenance, identifying faults before they become failures and enhancing strategic planning for repairs and replacement. 

Oil sampling is one of the main techniques used to enable proper assessment of the condition of oil filled high voltage switchgear and transformers, enabling engineers to detect signs of deterioration that will lead to failure unless appropriate action is taken.

This course will give attendees a detailed understanding of oil analysis techniques by looking at the sampling and testing methodology and the analysis and interpretation of results. The course also provides an overview of handling, storage and disposal of insulating oil.

This one-day course can be taken as a standalone course or as an effective follow-on course to our two-day 'Transformers for Power Systems' course.

Course itinerary

Oil Diagnostics

  • Oil Overview
  • Transformer Oil Diagnostics
  • Switchgear Oil Diagnostics
  • Health Index for Transformers

Oil Sampling Techniques

  • Importance of reliable oil sampling
  • Labelling sample and bottle
  • Oil sampling from transformers and switchgear
  • Traditional Methods
  • Live Tank Oil Sampling Method (LTOS)
  • Turbulent Flush Method 

Practical Demonstrations and Exercises

  • Transformer Oil Sampling
  • Switchgear Oil Sampling
  • Paired Sampling Exercise

Oil Diagnostic Facility Tour

Interpretation and Trending

  • Action Limits and Thresholds
  • Examples and Interpretation Techniques
  • Review results from previous samples taken.

Oil Handling, Storage and Disposal

  • Considerations for handling, storage and disposal
  • Oil handling documentation

Questions and Course review

Programme may be subject to amendment.

Why attend?

EA Technology has played a pioneering role in studying the performance and degradation of oil filled switchgear and transformers and oil analysis provides one of the most cost-effective and least intrusive way of assessing the internal condition of these assets.

Through its Oil Diagnostics Laboratory and Testing facilities EA Technology provides leading edge oil analysis solutions and forensic investigations to clients worldwide. This course draws on this expertise with speakers who can apply practical and theoretical aspects of oil sampling and analysis.

  • Prevent critical asset failure by detecting faults and deterioration early.
  • Reduce unnecessary maintenance and expenditure through more effective condition-based asset management.
  • Gain expertise in oil testing techniques and result interpretation
  • Deliver best value over the lifetime of your company.
  • Enhance your company’s Condition Based Risk Management strategy.

Jonathan was extremely comfortable and knowledgeable with the subject and able to tailor his points to benefit everyone on the course.

Jason, 17 November 2022

Jonathan presented very well. Good knowledge, excellent course. Thank you

Alan, 4 February 2022

Found lab tour interesting, gives an insight into what happens in the laboratory.

Derek, 3 November 2021

The course content and delivery were excellent, and Jonathan was able to tailor additional information and advice to our specific requirements - many thanks.

Chris, 3 November 2021

Very comprehensive course, informative and able to field all questions.

Joseph, 3 November 2021

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