SF6 Management

Course summary

This one-day course is designed to give delegates all the information that is required to ensure they stay up to date with the latest SFlegislation.

The course explains the practical elements of running a network that includes assets containing SFwhich will assist with asset management decisions.

The delegates will also be given an understanding of what SFis through to commissioning, inspection, and maintenance of their SFassets and the responsibilities they have to their staff working hands-on with SF6. Environmental issues will be discussed, and guidance provided on all aspects of managing a company's inventory of SFto show compliance with the relevant legislation.

Course itinerary

  • Overview of legislation and standards
  • Asset specifications
  • Commissioning, inspection and maintenance
  • Training and certification requirement of staff
  • Leakage and failures
  • Managing inventory and reporting
  • Company documents

Why attend?

This course is essential for all managers who are responsible for electrical assets containing SF6 who require an overview of the legislation and standards relevant to manage these assets. The course would also be crucial for all managers who put staff to work on equipment containing SF6 to maintain their staff's health and safety.

  • Provides an understanding of legislation regarding the full life cycle of electrical assets containing SF6
  • Enhances the basic knowledge of how to put staff safely to work on assets containing SF6
  • Updates all attendees on current best practices and developments for managing a network of SF6 assets
  • Describes techniques of how to get the best value out of your assets containing SF6
  • Educates attendees on safeguarding their environmentally friendly status while running assets containing SF6

Great course will recommend to other staff.

Mark, 9 November 2021

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