Cables Part 2

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Course summary

Expert design and specification of HV cable systems is essential to reduce costs, maximise performance and deliver the best return on investment throughout the asset lifecycle.

This course is designed to give you that expertise, using example circuits to illustrate best practice in cable system engineering across a range of issues.

Over three days, the course will take you through every step of the cable engineering process, from initial planning through to the preparation of detailed technical and commercial specifications for the tender, manufacture, installation, maintenance and operation of your cable system. The course also covers the management of existing cable assets in terms of condition assessment, life estimation, repair and diversions.

Course itinerary

Basic Cable Design and Types (33kV - 132kV)

  • Old Design, New Design and Cost Comparison

Materials and Manufacture

  • Manufacturing Techniques

Cable Ratings (33kV - 132kV)

  • Cable Rating Factors
  • Working Examples

Joints and Terminations

  • Cable and Accessory Design
  • Type Test

Standards and Specifications

  • BS 7912
  • BS 7970
  • IEC 60840

Cable Installation

  • Use of Ducting
  • Bridge Crossing
  • Water Crossing
  • Cable Tunnels

Failure Investigation

  • Component Failure
  • LV Link Box Failure
  • MV Joint Failure
  • 132kV Sealing End Failure

Fault Analysis

  • Factory Testing
  • Commissioning Tests

Programme may be subject to amendment

Why attend?

  • Improve your knowledge and understanding of HV power cables
  • Gain expertise in managing special project installations
  • Update your knowledge of the latest developments in cable technology
  • Reduce the risk of costly errors in cable system design and installation
  • Deliver best value over the lifetime of your company’s cable assets
  • Enhance specialist HV cable skills that are in short supply

EA Technology has extensive expertise in cable engineering, condition assessment technologies, asset management and is a leading centre of forensic investigation of cable faults at all voltages. Our training is delivered by leading specialists in MV and HV cable technology.

Good course manuals and good knowledgeable trainers. Good interaction and variety of content. Would recommend.

Scott, 28-29 Sept 2022

New to energy industry so a good introduction to cables and manufacturing.

Stuart, 28-29 Sept 2022

The course covers all necessary information about underground cable manufacturing, construction, analysis, ratings and standards. I enjoyed particularly, the cable rating workshop.

Sivashangari, 23 - 25 May 2023

Excellent course delivered by very knowledgeable tutors in an easy and relaxed environment.

Darren, 5 - 7 Dec 2023

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