Failure Investigation

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Course summary

This course will guide you through the essentials of failure investigation and analysis from initial actions to long-term learning, including legal requirements outlined by the Health and Safety Executive.

You will learn how to carry out a thorough and well documented investigation following inconvenient and costly failure, including procedures at the incident scene for recovery, handling and analysis of evidence, how to establish a panel of inquiry and how the data from failure analysis can be used for future Asset Management decisions.

The results of catastrophic failure can often lead to issues of liability and compensation. The course includes the briefing and use of expert witnesses in legal proceedings.

Course itinerary

The Need for Failure Analysis and Investigation

  • Legislation
  • Reasons for an investigation
  • Incident investigation

Procedures and techniques in failure analysis

  • Stages of an analysis
  • Data gathering
  • Visual examination
  • Analytical methods
  • Determining the failure mechanism
  • Actions following an investigation

Failure Investigation in the Field

  • Information gathering
  • Initial actions
  • Examination and testing
  • Selection of samples
  • Oil sampling
  • Handling and transportation

Failure Mechanisms

  • Design
  • Material selection
  • Fabrication
  • Operating and service conditions
  • Human error
  • Illegal activity

Failure Analysis in Asset Management Decision-making

  • Procurement
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Early Life
  • Analytical life
  • Replacement/renewal

Panel Discussion

Programme may be subject to amendment

Why attend?

Understand the principles that cause failures and the skills to identify causes of failures

  • Mitigate against the risk of future failures through improved asset management
  • Improve procurement and specifying processes to reduce the risk of future failures
  • Learn the processes needed to recover and handle evidence
  • Gain an appreciation of the techniques available for laboratory analysis of samples
  • Gain essential knowledge of your legal obligations in a failure investigation
  • Improve safety and enhance the reliability of key power assets

Course covered several things we do on a day-to-day basis. Good knowledge from instructor.

Andrew, 2 November 2021

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