Introduction to Switchgear and Transformers

Course summary

The knowledge required by non-technical staff working in the power distribution and transmission industry has increased as the profile of productivity has been substantially raised, and safety has remained a major priority in all areas of work. The ability to understand the terminology used and the application of the main items of the electrical plant is, therefore, vital for any member of staff not having previously undertaken formal power industry training.

This one-day course is designed to give delegates with no previous HV/EHV electrical plant training, sufficient knowledge, understanding and awareness of the operation and application of the main types of switchgear and transformers currently in use. The course challenges delegates to not only recognise items of equipment, and visualise them whilst involved in discussions/meetings, but also have a basic understanding of the theory behind how they work.

The course will, therefore, be challenging and intensive, being primarily driven by the ability and willingness of delegates to progress.

The course can be taken as part of a suite of introductory courses that can be combined to form a development route for technician-level roles. Individuals already working in the power sector in non-engineering or support roles for example schedulers, procurement staff and Health and Safety operatives will also benefit from attending. Supervisors/managers who are moving to a plant related role will also benefit from this course.

Course itinerary


  • Initial view of plant to be covered using comparisons with equipment and systems already known to delegates.

Simple Electrical Theories

  • Reasons for design decisions, simple electrical theory, establishing a sound understanding of basic electrical principles as applied to switchgear and transformers.

Electricity Networks

  • How the electricity networks in the UK are structured and where they came from.

Introduction to Switchgear and Transformers

  • We begin the process of looking in greater depth at the types of switchgear and transformers in use on networks from 240 volts to 400,000 volts.

Types of Switchgear and Transformers and their Applications to Networks

  • A detailed look at how the equipment discussed fits into the electrical networks, including discussing simple protection systems.

Programme may be subject to amendment.

Why attend?

The ability to recognise items of equipment plus an understanding of where they fit into electricity networks

  • Knowledge of the function and criticality of individual categories of plant and equipment
  • A ‘head start’ when applying for a role in the power distribution and transmission industry
  • Self-confidence as a manager moving into a plant related role

EA Technology has pioneered asset condition assessment techniques and is a leading centre for forensic investigation of switchgear and transformer faults at all voltages.

Enjoyed the course and learnt a lot about the subject. Andy was very experienced.

Luke, 1 Sept 2021

Interesting material and very relevant. Clean and professional space.

Max, 8 December 2021

I struggled to relate to a lot of the content, but the relevant content was great.

Nathan, 8 December 2021

Good course got us all involved and engaged. Thanks a lot.

Thomas, 8 December 2021

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